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was succesfully launched
on Saturday, May 4th, 2013
specifically to raise funds to replace our
aged gas heating system.
It was concluded on July 7th 2014,
just 14 months later, having raised the
full £7.000 needed.
Our new 'all electric oil-filled radiators'
are now installed and fully paid for.

It was truly magnificent effort by everyone concerned.
All our willing helpers, who served teas, arranged and supervised raffles, made the displays that attract our visitors, and helped with the history and research that those visitors come to us to find, all played their part in a marvellous team effort.

And not least to Merrill & Peter, for overseeing and supervising all the various events, and the admin in keeping our accounts and dealing with the finances. And of course, for finding the right heating system at the right price and seeing all was successfully fitted and working.

AN UPDATE : 7 February 2016

So it is all done. We completed our appeal, with magnificent help and effort from everyone in our team, and all our 'Friends' who have joined and supported us over this past two years. In just over 14 months, from a standing start, our appeal to replace our obsolete gas boiler raised just short of £8,000. Incredible, and I for one, when we were first told of the enormity of the task which faced us, did seriously doubt that we could ever do so well, or so quick.

The position now is that we have indeed totally replaced the heating, with several German-built industrial electric radiators. Don't worry, they're much smarter than they sound, have fitted in very well and are all fitted with very efficient thermostats and timers. We've dumped gas and gone for clean electric.

The current state of gas and electricity prices mean that, therm for therm or watt for watt, the prices are just about the same. Long gone are the days when gas was the fuel of choice on account of price, it seems. So there has been no change or alteration to the visual aspect within The Old School, the old-fashioned radiators are still there. They have now been 'drained down' to protect against any chance of frost or random leaks. They will, in effect, be 'dummies', thus preserving the conservation heritage of the building. The old gas boiler has now been 'condemned' and has been totally shut down and cut off. The boiler itself is effectively scrap and will be disposed of, and the boiler room cleaned out and put to storage use.

We have had, and continue to have, a tremendous amount of support, both financially and in the form of help and good wishes. And it must be said, not least from the many visitors who come from far and wide to view our resources and take home those extra bits of family history information they could never have found elsewhere. Thank you to each and every one of you, it all added up to a terrific result.

So we can now also report that the new system has been fully paid for, and we have a 15-year guarantee into the bargain. All outstanding loans and bills have been paid.

We can now say, with some relief and with reasonable certainty for the time being, that not only has Sutton's Old School been saved (not for the first time), but we have made a tremendous number of new 'Friends' into the bargain, and a great many people to thank for all their hard work.

All in all, a stupendous effort, not least by those responsible for assessing all the options available, worrying themsleves almost to distraction on what the future held, and then setting in train the series of events to found our 'Friends' campaign and thence administer it. Merrill & Peter .. stand up and take a bow!

Finally, we should always remember Deanna Docherty, wife of the late Rev.Terry Docherty, and of course, Terry himself, who were jointly responsible for saving the school in the first place. It was Deanna who actually stopped demolition teams from moving onto the site some 30 years ago, after the original St James' CofE School closed on that site. With considerable financial support from them both, the building was given a breathing space until a new use could be found for it. It was a huge sum they spent, even by today's reckoning, many times more than we've just raised for the heating. We have them to thank for what we have now, a wonderful resource, in a Victorian building that is still used largely for its original purpose and right at the heart of the village. And now again heated in winter, forsooth!

There is a wealth of information about The Old School and the Museum within, on this website.

We invite you to explore these pages, come and see us if you can, and ask if you would also like to become a 'Friend of the Old School' for the future.

Although our heating problems gave us a tremendous fright, one result of all this is that we've made an enormous number of friends, found nothing but goodwill and good wishes for the future, and really do feel we have something worthwhile to maintain, preserve, and pass on to those who come after us.



Thanks to all these
Friends of The Old School
who contributed to our appeal :

organisations shown in italics

Firstly, we again have to mention
The Children of Year 5,
Dorchester Rd, Hull,
led by Mrs M Capes
who raised in total £350
for our appeal in two
successive efforts of their own.

You are indeed OUR FRIENDS, and we look forward to the day when you yourselves will bring your children in to see the Old School you have done so much to help.

Your excellent website can be found HERE

all Friends of The Old School are :

Year 5, St James' CofE School
the late Norman Brown, and family
Hull City Council
Jean Sutherland
Mr & Mrs John Oakley
Mr & Mrs R Saxby
Mr A Dearing
Mr B Sharp
Mr D W Goodin
Mr J A Baker
Mrs M Rhodes
Mrs S Cooke
Pat M O'Brien
Probus Club of Sutton
Mr Ken Mell
Mr & Mrs Doreen & Ron Forth
Mr Peter Blyth
Mr & Mrs B Dresser
Judith Allen
Mrs J E Barnes
Mrs E Shilleto
Mr G D Frankish
Mrs Audrey Moore (the late)
Mr Kevin Warcup
Mrs Jean Stockbridge
Mr Tony Broughton
Mrs Vera Hewson
Mrs Hazel Barrett
Mrs June Marriott
Mrs E Noble ~
~ in memory of husband, Ernest
Mrs Sheila Goring
Rev. Harold R Bowes
Mrs Ingrid Jones & Mr Gerry Thompson
Mr T Drake
Mrs K Williams
Mrs Mould
Mr Mrs D & L Moodie
Mrs Bessie Hawkins, (née Blyth)
Mr Arthur and Mrs Dorothy Blyth
Mrs E Cook
Mr L Peak
Mrs S Cooke
Mrs A Rogers
Mrs A Hickey
June Irvine
Mrs V Clark
Mrs K & Mr G Borrill
Mr P Rhodes
Mrs J Pybus & C Hawkins
Mr & Mrs H Robinson
Sutton in Holderness ...
... Conservation Society

Mr Alan Thurloe
St James' Craft Group, Sutton on Hull
Mrs & Mrs A Burton
Mrs J Bayram
Eileen Holden
Mr Mrs A Sims
Mr & Mrs K Buxton
Lord & Lady Prescott
Mrs E Grant
Miss C Wyatt
Mrs Ann Pullen
St James' Church Mothers' Union
Mr Martin O'Meara
Mr Mrs Steele
Mr Mrs Hattan (Solihull)
Maureen Fox
Mrs Bessie Hawkins
Mr & Mrs Arthur & Dorothy Blyth
Mr Mike Briggs
Mrs J Pearson
Mr Ivor Lewis
Mr Geoff Hill
The Suddaby Family
Margaret Ashley
Mrs Tess Hughes
Mr Don Robson
Mr David Sherwood
Mr Gordon Acaster
Mr Mrs Jon Gillings
St Columba's Flower Guild Ladies
Betty Grantham
Mr Tony Noble
Hull Bridge Wives Group, Beverley
Mr Ian Wolstencroft
Mr Mick Nicholson
Mrs Kathleen Holmes
The Leonard Chamberlain Trust
Mr & Mrs Peter King
Mrs Jessica Milner Davis ~ Australia
Mr Brian Pollard ~ Bristol
Mr Tony Rippon
The Townsend Family of
                   - Sutton & Australia

Children of Year Two
with Mrs A Whitfield
. . our new friends after their
lovely visits to our museum in
2014 and 2015.

We must point out that some of our benefactors have donated more than once, indeed, some several times, even though their name appears here only once. This list is in date order of contributions received. Thank you, everyone.

The Following Local Businesses
have also given their invaluable support
to The Old School Museum.
We ask that you support them too . . .

Blossom Beauty Salon, Church St, Sutton
Permutations Hair Salon,
Church St, Sutton
The Village Pantry, Church St, Sutton
Fryin', fish & chips, Church St, Sutton
Mace Food Store, Church St, Sutton
Cake-Licious, College St, Sutton
Duke of York, PH, Church St, Sutton
Love Letters Card & Gift Shop,
Anlaby Common

For all our private donations,
as well as our local business support,
We give hearty thanks to each
and every one of you.
Collectively, you HAVE made
a whopping difference.

We look forward to seeing you all
in The Old School during the year.
Come and have a cuppa!

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Many an old pupil must have spent hours daydreaming and staring up at this timbered roof.
But it would have been woebetide any child if the teacher had caught them indulging in such a wasteful occupation.