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THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND .. the Home Page of the English Church, with links all over the world from there.

YORK MINSTER . . a superb site . . and one that befits the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe. Their site has had over 100,000 visitors already! There's lots to look at, including a comprehensive history, a visual tour, and many sections featuring the vast amount of work that goes into the administration of not only a cathedral, but a huge diocese. Among other things, see the work of the Minster Police.

HULL MINSTER . . In May 2017, Holy Trinity was renamed with the title "Hull Minster". Archbishop Sentamu decided to re-designate Holy Trinity as Hull Minster two years ago - in acknowledgment of our growth and ministry and in anticipation of what is to come. The re-naming, or re-designation, as Hull Minster is an honorific title, which means that it does not change our legal status as a parish church, or the way we are governed. We are not a 'cathedral' in this sense, but a local parish church stepping into our calling as a church that serves not just our geographical parish, but the wider city and its churches. Their website explains how and when to visit, events, tours of the tower, the cafe, and much more.

THE CHURCH TIMES . . . their information page says: "The Church Times, founded in 1863, has become the world's leading Anglican weekly newspaper. It has always been independent of the Church of England hierarchy. It was a family concern until 1989, when ownership passed to Hymns Ancient & Modern, a Christian charitable trust."

BEVERLEY MINSTER . . dating from 1220, is also well worth a visit; another major Yorkshire church with lots of links both to its history and the work of the church as it serves the needs of some 17,000 in the historic market town of Beverley.

BULMER'S GAZETTEER (1892) . . . for those seeking a brief history of all churches in the Hull area, as of around the turn of the century, 1900, please see "A History of Kingston on Hull" taken from Bulmer's Gazetteer of 1892. The link takes you to Part 9 : Churches & Chapels and lists churches long since demolished and those destroyed by war, including details of St Mark's in the Groves, St Saviour's and St Peter's, Drypool, all areas of which were in the original St James' parish back in antiquity. Yes, Drypool was in Sutton parish until Stuart times, just before the Restoration of Charles I.

ST COLUMBA - HOLDERNESS ROAD . . . our sister parish to the south east, St Columba's, is based on east side of the city of Kingston Upon Hull in the area of East Yorkshire, UK. St Columba's is part of the Drypool Parish Group Ministry.

ST ANDREW'S - AYLESTONE, LEICESTER . . . the church where your Webmaster was married, before coming to Hull in 1973. Not unike Sutton, in that it's a village now swallowed up and surrounded by the city, though still retaining something of its former charming, rural air. But the whole village is not so fortunate in height, and the lower parts used to frequently suffer from flooding from both the river and its associated Grand Union Canal. Nevertheless, with pretty riverside walks along the old flood meadows, it is now a very popular place to live. The flood meadows caused ancient folks to make raised walkways to cross them, which in time turned into the present 15th C. pack-horse bridge, that used to link the village across the floods and River Soar over to Braunstone in days of yore. It's a listed monument, and rightly so, perhaps older than the church itself.

HOWDEN MINSTER . . in the Diocese of York, another good interactive site; serves many local churches; Howden Minster, Elloughton, North & South Cave, Newport, Eastrington, Barmby, Brantingham, Brough, & Welton.

THE DIOCESE OF YORK: links to the 22 Deaneries . . . . another excellent site . . with links also to many Holderness churches; 1.4 million people live in the 2,661 square miles of the Diocese of York. They are served by 605 churches grouped into 475 parishes. The parishes are grouped into 22 deaneries, which in turn form three archdeaconries. Further information on each deanery or archdeaconry is available searching the pages in this weblink.

ST JOHN ~ NEWLAND . . is the first of our truly local church links in Hull. A lovely, informative site, incredibly easy to navigate, with lots and lots of information, and a smiling host of people to welcome you.

COTTINGHAM . . our sister village, their official site. An impressive site, both for design and content. Be greeted by the sound of St Mary's tolling bell . . lovely atmosphere. Masses of information on the village, a really warm and active community.

HEDON .. .. a lovely site on this historic town, with many pictures of the area.

PATRINGTON, AND ST PATRICK'S CHURCH ... on A CHURCH NEAR YOU, with basic details of opening times, history, etc.

PATRINGTON, AND ST PATRICK'S CHURCH . . . is also on this FreeFoto site, with pictures of the church and town, with a great many links to other places in Yorkshire in the side menu. For another superb photo of St Patrick's, there's one on the GENUKI site.

HESSLE, ALL SAINTS CHURCH ... ... a comprehensive site with links and lots of photos of events through the year.

BROUGHTON JUNIOR SCHOOL, North Lincolnshire ... included here for two reasons; firstly because of the excellent pages and photos of St Mary's, their village church, and also because that put simply, this really is a superbly well-designed and attractive website. The amount of information on the village, and photos, as well as their own school, is to be admired. St Mary's church is ancient, Saxon and Norman, and well worth a visit, as any viewing of the photos on the site will reveal. And also, Broughton is the last resting place of Rob Walters, the maker of our own Sutton video/DVD, hence the connection. Rob grew up and spent his youth in the village before coming to Hull and making his huge contribution to Hull's fishing industry with his exceptional series of trawling films.

EAST YORKSHIRE CHURCHES HISTORIC TRUST WEBSITE ... set up in 2004/5 to encourage a greater appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of the churches in the area.

THE WOLD RANGER ... a superb set of photos of East Yorkshire churches, mainly on the Wolds for now, and Holderness churches to come. Many interior shots also, revealing some real hidden gems. A site to keep an eye on, and I note within a matching interest in ornithology, so birders welcome here too!

LINCOLNSHIRE CHURCHES ... from what I can see, just about all 1,200 of them! A marvellous resource, arranged alphabetically, superb photos. A real bonus to exiles who can't get home.

CHURCHES - UK & IRELAND ... a lovely site, covering just about all counties as far as I could tell, and on which there's a lovely picture of St Peter's in Wawne. They aim to cover as many churches as they can, but when we remember there are already over 9,000 churches covered on this site, each with a photograph, and an estimated 40,000 or so churches in the whole of the UK, it is a massive task. One area in which Sutton residents may help is to identify the many 'unknown churches' from old photographs and paintings. An intriguing collection, and I know some of you will have the answers ... do visit this very worthwhile site.

. . . was a link to the web page giving details of Sutton St James' bells, number of peals, etc. But the entry for St James' seems to have gone ... there's lots of others though. Now we have added a short clip of sound to this St James' site, for Christmas 2003, nothing much, just a short recording of the bells themselves, to set the tone of what we hope is also a friendly site and warm community.

ST MARY'S, HOUGHTON-ON-THE-HILL, NORFOLK .. .. .. is in Norfolk, a county renowned for its hundreds of medieval churches. But this one is special, a real gem, not least because of St Mary's saviour, a one-man band in the name of Bob Daley who has almost single-handedly achieved what can only be described as a miracle of modern restoration. The church, it's tranquil hill-top and tree-clad location, it's historic wall paintings, Bob and all his friends, all join together to make this church more than well-worth a visit .. start with it's first-rate website. Certainly, if your heritage also goes back to the Swaffham area, it's deserving of your support.

. . sometimes, when browsing the web and looking for something else, one turns up a site that is so unusual that there's no helping the feeling that a few others may like to see this. Their Home page has this statement: "The main aim of WACRAL is to promote and spread, throughout the world, Christian Friendship and Fellowship through the medium of amateur radio and short wave listening." Hear Hear !!

SIMON'S SUFFOLK & NORFOLK CHURCHES . . Note: this magnificent site is back online ! With 688 Suffolk churches. And the whole site now includes 876 Norfolk churches. The address had changed by three letters, from .org.uk to .co.uk. A good lesson in how to trace a lost site .. it may have registered again under a new name, try some address variations. Glad it's back.
About the site itself : What can we say . . what a fantastic site. Would that every county in Britain were as comprehensively covered as this. Rarely can one see so much beauty on one website. 688 churches are listed, and most of them have several photographs of their best features, whether external architecture, an ancient roof, wall paintings, fonts, stained glass, rood screens . . in fact, everything you can imagine. Plus full directions on how to reach them.. .. incredible. Thank you Simon. Five stars!!

SUTTON ST JAMES ... IN LINCOLNSHIRE This GENUKI site has superb photos of this beautiful church with its detached tower. The church is of a similar age to our own St James'. Further information on the local area is on their Parish Council website , all revealing that this is an area well worth visiting. Your Webmaster visited this church in 2010, and was greatly impressed. Val was impressed at their almost nil cost for church flowers ! Being in the centre of the flower growing districts of the fens, flowers are so plentiful that the churches around here have little trouble obtaining enough blooms to make almost constantly stunning displays. For a florist, it must be akin to being a chocoholic and living next door to Cadbury's.

MONUMENTAL BRASS SOCIETY . . a comprehensive site for those interested in architecture, history, with many links to the Ancient Monument Society, Arms & Armour, Richard III Society, and many others. History Galore here!

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