1.  “When I went into Jackson’s meat factory, on the first morning, you had to put your wellies on and a big plastic apron. Then you had to put on a turban.

It was just like a big square of material. I thought, "I don't know how to put this on!"

I said to someone, "Oh, can you help me with this, please?"

Well! I’m not kidding you, they'd put it on that tight. It was agony all morning - I’m sure my eyes were out like this.

2. “We had a lady with her hair here who, every day, had a nylon scarf over it and all the curlers in. It used to make me smile.

She was only about 3 years older than me.

You just don’t see it now.” 


It was my job to tear the newspaper into squares and thread them onto string.  The toilet was down the garden in a tin dustbin and newspaper for toilet roll and Izal you used to get at school.

It was 1973 when we first had an indoor toilet. I was twenty three years old!”


“We used to all go in together. I mean, when you think about it, we only got a bath once a week that was normal.  With soda in it! They used to scour us.

You didn’t change your underwear every day either. You’d have the same pair of knickers on all week.

We didn’t have enough clothes.”

The Wonderful Joys of Bathtime!

“When my mam and dad went to the pictures on a Saturday night my older sister bathed me.

I said, “It’s too hot!”

“Oh you’ll be all right.”

We were like tomatoes when we came out.

Because she liked it hot, I think we were sterilised!”

There was nothing in the shops

“There was a film called Genevieve about a vintage car that was made in the 1950s. A little boy and a girl had an ice cream and they dropped it and they tried to scoop it up with the cornet.

I was watching it with somebody and she started to cry.

I said,  “What’s the matter with you?”

She said, "That dress the girl is wearing, that thin cotton dress, that would’ve been me!"

And I remembered the days when my sisters had them and all they had the one dress. They had no coats or anything. There was nothing in the shops.

That’s how it was; they didn’t have anything else.”

Bottom Drawering
(Not to be confused with draws!)

I tell you what I remember down there and I did all my bottom drawering when you were preparing to be married - Balloon Stores! That was down Paragon Street. It sold all, everything, that I needed.

They used to do draws at work too, and you used to pay so much a week. When your number came up you used to go and spend this money. I’ve still got tins from Balloon stores. It was a good shop

Everybody used to start their bottom drawer; everybody.
And they used to have one at Tony’s textiles, that was on Newbridge Road, wasn’t it.

It sold clothes and pots and tins, everything for the home really, they used have some really nice things. They even had like, the base for a wedding cake you could hire from them.

I remember last year I said to the girls, “Do you want this for your bottom drawer?”

And they went, “Bottom drawer! What are you on about?”

They didn’t know what I was talking about!

Monday. Rain, Snow or Blow!

“Washing was only done once a week with the dolly tub and the blue.

My mum used to soak them overnight. First thing Monday morning, that Copper went on to boil for your hot water.

My mum used to sort the whites overnight.

And there could be seven or eight children; there were six of us, plus mum and dad, and she spent all day on a Monday.

I always know that, on a Monday, for some unknown reason, we did not have, like chips, for tea. It was a meat pie. Looking back and I’m thinking how did she do it!”


“You remember when the twin tubs came out? I used to like my twin tub. It used to spin smashing.

You started off with your boil wash, had them in piles on the floor. Then you’d run up and get your bedding off and you’d only use the one load of water didn’t you?

You’d work down from your cleanest. Put the whites in to start with.

And then you added a spinner didn’t you?

The spinners were really good, better than these are now. 

I think I had it for years then we sold it and got an automatic. A chap came and he took it away on his bike”

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