G.D.P.R. General Data Protection Regulations
in force from 25 May 2018.

at the Sutton & Wawne Museum
in regard to any data or information
we may hold about you when visiting
this website, or indeed, visiting the actual museum.

What do we know about you?

The long and short of it is ... nothing.

We don't plant 'Cookies' on any of our pages. We don't track you personally, or know anything about your person. We know how many folks visit our pages, and we know which country they're in and can tell whether they use Windows or a Mac .. or Linux. That is no more intrusive than seeing what car you have on the car park, its country of origin and model.

We don't know who they are, or their identities, nor have any way of contacting them. We do not 'collect information', or data, of the sort as proscribed and mandated against in the wording of the new regulations. If you have donated an item to us, then we should have your postal address at least, and possibly a phone number if you gave it to us. None of that information is available to anyone else.

If you have written to us by email, then of course we have your email address. But we don't email visitors uninvited, or make 'cold calls. It may surprise you, but we literally know nothing about you other than the fact that you have visited our website, or called in at the museum - usually because you wrote to us to tell us about it.

We have a Visitor's Book, but again, if you have filled it in with your comments, date of visit, and left your name, we have to assume you'd like us to know that. We would discourage folks entering their full address anyway. We don't need it, but others may note it and make mischief of it. If we take a photo, we always ask permission if we want to use it, usually on the website. Similarly, with school visits, photography is always cleared with the parents, via their class teachers or head.

We have an entry on Google, like many businesses and attractions wishing to publicise themeselves. If you use our Google site, via a search or via Google Maps, then it is Google that hold the data on you, when you viewed, or visited us, for how long, etc. If you use Chrome (it's Google ..) to visit web pages, and don't want Google to track you, then use a different browser, such as Firefox or Opera, and there are others. The same applies to search engines; Google may be the best, but it's not the only one. If you use ANY Google product, it is up to you to alter your Google settings and turn that facility off if you are uncomfortable with it. If you are unhappy or uncomfortable, especially in light of recent revelations in the press, you can and should contact your Google account and ask for your data to be erased; we cannot do that.

Similarly with Facebook, and our entry on their pages. Your privacy on Facebook is your affair, not ours, and up to you to control, or not, as you wish. Our only way to change any of that - for you - is for this museum to come off Google and Facebook and not use them ourselves for anything. At the moment, that we are not prepared to do.

We don't have a listing on other Social Media. Not Twitter, not Instagram, not Linkedwithanyone, none of them. Any visitors who leave information or comments on those sites are totally responsible for their own comments and how much information they choose to give away. Those media sites are responsible for such data, not us. We can't control what we don't have access to. We have a rating on 'Trip Advisor', and are thankful for it, but we cannot control it, or access their data.

So, to summarise, we do not hold any data on you 'to be responsible for'. Because we have no data, we do not need a Data Protection Officer, a role for which none of us volunteers are fitted or trained for anyway. It goes without saying, or should, that any of our valuable volunteers on duty at any time would not be able to answer any visitor questions about data other than to say .. "We don't hold any."

We are totally dependant on your support, your agreement for us to be doing what we do and how we do it, and your contributions to the running of the museum. We do not have spare funds to spend on the right wordings or legal niceties to conform to some grand Orwellian - or European - view of today's Britain. No doubt some of this wording is wrong, or not acceptable to some people. But as I say, we are only 'volunteers', not paid staff, and if someone would like to come in and volunteer to be our unpaid data protection officer, they are very welcome.
Apply online via our email link.

By placing this notice, and made clear what we do, don't do, and can't do, I take the view that the Sutton & Wawne Museum has complied with this new law. Legal beagles may take a different view, but that is their problem, not mine. That's how they make their money.

In the meantime, we have a museum to run.
Thank You for all your support, and . . .


Rob Haywood
Website Manager May 2018

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