Reverend George A Coleman
vicar of St James' 1894 - 1921


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Pages 1 ~ 36
144 photographs
dating from c.1895 ~ 1920

1. a. Sutton School - Stoneferry boys? c.1900   b.	Sutton School - girls. c.1900   c.	Sutton School - girls, c.1900   d. Sutton School - boys c.1900  

2. a. Sutton School – girls - Bessie Smith? - middle front   b.	Sutton School - boys   c. Sutton School - girls   d. Mary Hickey, Helen Calvert. c.1907  

3. a. Girls by playground oak    b. Boys by playground oak   c.	Boys by playground oak - a Rodmell?    d.	Children by playground oak   

4. a. Village ladies awaiting entry to Sale of Work in school  b. Close up of picture 4a   c. Sale of Work in school hall  d.	Sale of Work in schoo hall  

5. Mr Rickwood at his shop   b. Sutton Post Office and staff   c. Miss Heron’s shop. Parlour shop next door.   d. Robert Marsters, plumber - by his dwelling  

6. a. St James’ Church   b. Church choir, 1905. Coleman, Kirkwood, Rodmell, Topham, Smith   c. Butcher’s boy, Hickey?   d.	G Goleman – Mr Topham + ladies  

7. a. Group of ladies and girls in Sunday best    b. Soldiers at confirmation class at vicarage WW1    c. Rev'd Frank Jewel Evans (1921 - 1927) and wife    d. Five well-to-do ladies - + Miss Holmes, Miss Topham  

8. Mr Rodmell - Station booking office  b. Railwaymen, Mr White -- Mr Rodmell   c. Noah Pooley in signal box, c.1900  d.	Mr Allman and Mr Bailey  

9.   Eddie Twydale, Mr Ransom   John Lazenby, gardener, and son, Tom, c1905   c. Mr Kitchen, night soil collector with cart   d. Mrs Ransom with baby, Church St 

10. a. Richard Ransom, driving a light cart  b. George Westerdale Blakey, joiner and wheelwright, with son Percy   c. F Ransom - B Rodmell - Sutton Reading Room  d. John Topham and family by home 1897  

11. a. Watson Street ?  b.	Lamwath Hall, 1896   c. Tilworth Grange drawing room  d. Gateway to Sutton Hall (Netherhall)

12. a. Ladies at Garden Party, Elmtrees, 1905  b.	Peter Rodmell - Robert Rodmell   c. Group of ladies and children  d.	Group of Ladies

13. a. Mr Dale, gardener, at Beech Lawn by greenhouse    b. Mr Dale in the vinery   c. Group by donkey cart at garden party    d.	Men, and girl on slide at garden party

14. a. Stanley Wilson and T.R. Pentith  b.	Mr Topham and others at garden party   c. Frederick Wright of Lime Tree Villas, garden party  d.	Sutton Hall garden fête

15. a. F G Wright at garden party  b.	F G Wright   c. Mr John May, Mr Hellyer or Henry Rodmell   d.	Garden party

16. a. Children sitting by lake  b.	Two ladies on garden path  c.	Three ladies in garden  d.	Waterhouse family

17. a. Women and children in garden   b.	Family group in garden   c. Mr and Mrs Moody and daughter   d.	Mrs Coleman - Mr and Mrs F A Scott

18. a. Mrs F Scott  b.	Mr F Scott  c.	Mr Smith, gardener to F Scott, at the Hollies  d.	Church choir outing to Fountains Abbey

19. a. Ladies outing to Londesborough 1934   b.	Elderly couple outside house   a. Group of men   d. Group of men by oak tree

20. a.	Mixed group at Beverley  b.	Group of ladies - formal   c.	Sutton bell ringers in Ben West’s garden 1905  d.	Family group at seaside

21. a. Horse ploughing   b.	John Wood and daughter Clara, farmer Westfield Cott 1902   c.	Frank Bayston, carting contractor and cowkeeper   d.	Horse and rider and man in mill yard

22. a. Groom with horse  b.	F (?) Rodmell in farm yard  c. Mr Dennis, gardener lived at Hope Cottage  d.	Mr Dennis and friend converse - in Salthouse Rd?

23. a.	Mr Pitcher road repairer of Albert Terrace    b.	Mr Pitcher repairing a road    c.	Horses, Sutton Horse Show (lngs Rd/Wembley Park site)   d.	A man and foal at the show

24. a. Nine men and boy in cricket whites  b.	Boys with cricket bats  c. Ladies or senior girls dancing in ring - at a grand school?  d.	Wedding Joseph Lund to Bessie Wood 1907

25. a. Wedding group   b.	Couple by church porch   c. Wedding party - Methodist Chapel   d.	Wedding party

26. a. Wedding party   b.	Wedding couple - Mr King of tall house Church Street   c.	Mr and Mrs F Wright Lime Tree Villas    d.	George Rennison - foreman to Ringrose, Westfield Farm

27. a. Dr Archibald Gillespie of 7 Church Mount    b.	Frederick Lee-Smith, Beech Lawn    c.	The Misses Liddell of Sutton House and Miss Green    d.	Miss Mary Allwood, BA, of Church Mount

28.  a.	Mr Hakeney senior, and son Jack   b.	John Fortitt, land auctioneer   c.	Miss Hannah Potterill, of Labunum Cottage   d.	Miss Potteril’s dog

29. a. Mr and Mrs Bailey    b.	John lngham, of Blenheim House   c.	Mr and Mrs Ingram   d.	Mr and Mrs Cowl

30. a. Benjamin Johnson, Riseholme Hill   b.	John Raspin Ringrose      c.	Edward Good, builder - he re-furbished Methodist Chapel    d. Captain Johnson  

31. a.	Charles Hellyer, Lambwath Hall    b.	David Haughton, Netherhall    c.	David Haughton     d.	Col Fawcett Pudsey, JP, Sutton Hall

32. b.	Mr Brown, beekeeper  b.	Mr Brown, beekeeper  c.	Christopher (Kit) Webster, son of Mrs Webster Duke of York  d.	Alf Noble, verger St James’ Church  

33. a.	Alfred Pooley, bootmaker  b.	A WW1 soldier (name ?)   c.	Mr Edward Fenton of The Lawn  d.	Mrs Edwin Fenton of The Lawn

34. a.	Police Constable Charles Kilvington  b.	PC Kilvington   c.	Francess Marriott, Ann Watson College  d.	Miss Mead, of Church Mount 

35. a.	Miss Agnes Hurtley of Elm Tree   b. Mrs Elizabeth Bayston and daughters   c. Young soldier   d.	Richard Ransom, Castle Hill  

36. a. Lady in garden   b. Man on horse - Wawne Rd ?   c. Mrs Pickering, Bellfield House   d. Lady in a light horse cart – house? 

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