Reverend George A Coleman
vicar of St James' 1894 - 1921


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Pages 1 ~ 22
87 photographs
dating from c.1895 ~ 1921

1. a. Col. Pudsey   b.	Elderly man on garden seat   c.	Frederick Arthur Scott   d. F A Scott - of the Hollies  

2. a. Couple outside glasshouse   b.	Elderly man   c. Elderly man - Edward Good?   d. Man with dog  

3. a. Man, seated    b. Elderly man with large beard   c.	Man in army uniform - Boer War?    d.	 . . same man?   

4. a. Elderly man in uniform  b. Young lady, seated   c. Ms Margaret Holme, dau. of Rev.Herbert Alfred Holme  d.	Elderly man  

5. a. Elderly man    b. Couple on horseback outside vicarage Wawne Road (streetlamp)    c. Elderly couple.   d. Man on horseback  

6. a. Child on horseback, with lady   b. Lady in garden   c. Lady with horse   d.	Lady and two daughters  

7. a. Elderly man, and child    b. Three children outside door    c. Gilbert Robinson c.1900    d. Harold Robinson of Mill Cottages  

8. Young boy  G Revell (son of Robert, cowkeeper, Stoneferry Road)  b. Boy on chair   c. Portrait of boy  d.	Small boy in toy truck  

9.   Boy on bicycle - Wawne Road?   Two children on donkeys   c. Boy on donkey   d. Edith Bladon, c.1908, on pony 

10. a. Small girl on donkey  b. Coronation Dinner in church hall, 1953   c. View from church tower, west, pre-1933  d. Sutton Mill  ?? burnt down, 1884.  

11. a. Q.Vic. dia.jub. 1897; Rev George Wilkinson & fam. + Maj. Windham, at Wawne.  b.	Mr Maxted, teacher, with Sutton schoolboys.   c. 'Knitting class' run by 'Grandma' Bayston, 1916, WWI.  d. Postman ? on Wawne Road by lamp post

12. a. Boys Brigade unit, on school playground.  b.	James Calvert's yard - he stands in centre   c. Ancient Order of Foresters - Mr Bean & friend, c.1900.  d. Named group of Sutton folk, see index.

13. a. Richard, Frank & Edith Bladon, with Nurse.    b. John Bladon & daughter Edith, with parents.   c. 'Bishop family' outside glasshouse.    d.	Sutton group (about 20) in field

14. a. large Sutton crowd in field.  b.	Garden event in field of Elm Tree (Godolphin).   c. Garden party at Sutton Hall.  d.	'A well-earned pipe' (groom to Benjamin Pickering).

15. a. John Lee-Smith  b.	Two young men (r. B Pickering?) outside school.   c. Mr Ransom on bridge across drain.   d. Elderly gentleman.

16. a. Miss Potterill (d.1910, aged 92)  b.	Man in army uniform.  c.	Mr Alman on 'Church St' railway bridge.  d.	Mr Dennis with barrow (gardener) (similar to 88).

17. a. Mr and Mrs Oust (he died 1915, aged 89).   b.	Mr Hurtley.   c. Miss Dorothy Waterhouse ?   d.	Robert Smith, Sutton postman (lived Jessamine Cottage).

18. a. Rowley Thompson, cowkeeper.  b.	James Holmes (1838-1929), butcher, in carriage.  c.	Richard Ransom, of Castle Hill, with child.  d.	Hugh Hopkinson of Church Mount (kia, Dardanelles, WWI).

19. a. Mrs Priestman   b.	Man smoking pipe.   a. Teenage girl.   d. Small girl with blonde, curly hair.

20. a.	Boy on stilts.  b.	Holley Robinson.   c.	Isobel and Vera Calcutt, with brother, dated 1912.  d.	Group men outside Hodgkins Gardens.

21. a. Bishop Scott, son of F.A. Scott of Sutton (went as missionary to N China).   b.	Ten missionaries, inc. Bishop Scott, in diocese of N China.   c.	Bridge across river (not Sutton).   d.	Cat on dog's back.

22. a. Two dogs and cat.  b.	a cow.  c.Waghen 1897 - Major Windham and the Wilkinsons 

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