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Here in the Museum inside the Old School
WE HAVE RECORDS awaiting your examination !
Some 22 books of photos of Sutton, and 5 of Wawne, in decades past, many dating back to before the First War, have all been archived and card-indexed for easy searching. 22 Sutton Photo AlbumsAs donations of new photos come in, they are archived and added to the collection, so it continues to grow year on year.
Wawne Photo Albums Additionally, there are our copies of the old School Registers, dating from late Victorian days to around 1972, shortly before the school closed.

5 Wawne Photo Albums The final four years were lost when they suffered a flood at the new St James' School on Dorchester Road.

Wawne Photo Albums

Sutton School Registers

Sutton School Registers
Merrill Rhode's book

DVD-ROM of Merrill's book
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heaven's bells

Are you a reasonably fit adult?
Could you ring a bell ? Recruits required to build up our team of bellringers for St James' church.
Anyone can apply, novices welcome; 10 yrs old and above welcome if accompanied by an adult.
We need 6 bellringers, training given. It's great fun. Come and join us!
Practice night is alternate Fridays. Apply to Gwyneth Moffatt on 377595.

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for information on how to contact the main
parish churches, their clergy and church offices.

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A Sutton Lad
in 1917

by: anonaitch

We were taught to read
and to write in this school

We were never taught to loathe,
or despise, or to hate.

We didn't want to fight,
or to scorn, or be cruel

Only to read and to write,
have fun, and be late.


We left this place so sure
we would return some day.

Very sure we would soon be on
that boat and would come

Once more to this place of youth,
to laugh and to play.

We never thought we'd bury friends
so far from our home . . .
. . . in this cold and foreign clay.


By and by, some of us did make it home,
though only as names

To be engraved on stone
so pure and so white

But many, so many, were never
to be found, had no such a grave

But left all alone to sleep,
their sleep of endless, endless, night.


We yearned to leave this school,
go out in the world and take part

To make our way, to be rich
or to be poor

We never thought we'd be famous,
huh, for our poor part

In a war that was meant to end,
and put an end to all war.


We just wanted to go home
and be all done

With the killing and the fear
and the fight

To return to this school,
once more to have fun

To learn how to read,
to add up, and to write.

Copyright remains with the
Sutton & Wawne Museum

Sutton Remembers

another site dedicated to local history.

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Museum & Family History Research on Fridays in the Old School Rooms, a marvellous display of life in Sutton and Wawne in times past; much more to see when you visit .. Incredible list of resources. Use also with FAMILY HISTORY button below ... Wawne Village, links to church, Village Hall and history Family History enquiries and list of resources for St James', & St Peters's, Wawne ; Resources list as of 10 May 2011 .. Use also with OLD SCHOOL button above .. dozens of links to military history, both local,	national and military, including both World Wars, all armed services, and more         Local Photos & Images of Sutton & Wawne St James Churchyard - a full list of graves and memorials Sutton War Memorial .. photos of each war grave now added, Nov 2009 Wawne War Memorial


Vacancies exist for new Volunteers to add to our intrepid team
in the Sutton & Wawne Museum and Family History Research Centre.
Hours can be as little as 2 hours per month, or more if you wish,
on Fridays when we're open from 10am till 2pm.

Many of our Volunteers typically help for two hours, once or
twice a month, say 10 till 12, or 12 till 2pm, on a rota.
An interest in Family History and a general enthusiasm
for the history of our area, plus a willingness to help in all aspects
of our museum, helping with refreshments for visitors and setting
up displays, are all that is needed to join our existing friendly team.

Our volunteers are not all local, indeed some come quite
a distance, from the far side of Cottingham, Willerby and Anlaby,
and even further afield, as well as locally.

Please enquire by calling into the museum on Fridays, and
ask for Liz or June, or email us via the button link in the menu.

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