WE ARE A FAMILY HISTORY & RESEARCH CENTRE ~ inside the our local Folk History Museum, founded by Merrill & Peter Rhodes 20 years ago ~ The Old School in Church Street ~ Sutton on Hull ~ HU7 4TL .. our historic area also covers Stoneferry, Wilmington, St Marks & The Groves. Perhaps we should have called it 'The Merrill Museum'; that would have been very appropriate
Our Old Village Schools in 1911


~ two  ancient  villages  linked  by  shared  family &  church  histories  ~
Museum Folk & Family History Research on Fridays in the Old School Rooms, a marvellous display of life in Sutton & Wawne in times past .. much more to see when you visit .. Incredible list of resources. Use in conjunction with FAMILY HISTORY button below ... Wawne Village, links to church, Village Hall, Parish Council, and history St James Churchyard - a full list of graves and memorials War Memorials .. books, DVD, pamphlets, etc, to do with local history or interest. General Links, many local to Hull and the East Riding ; includes many Family History links, with an emphasis on links to the Armed Forces and their associations.

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Let us help you start your tree, and find out where you come from .. We help you start your Family History Research .. We are not always what we think we are ...

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CLICK to read the Lines .. There's not a tear bedims the eye .. .. ANOTHER SOLDIERS LIST
This is an appropriate time of year to publish another list of soldiers, but this time - for the most part - with a more cheerful countenance. We now have a list of 35 soldiers who were stationed in or around Sutton during WW1.  These men signed the autograph album of local girl, Elsie Carrick, often with witty or romantic lines of verse, sometimes a drawing; there's even an amateur painting or two. For more info on how to see more, and view the list, click HERE.


A very warm welcome to all our visitors,
and especially to all those
ex-Sutton & Wawne folk who
may have long since left these 'gentle climes'
for other abodes in the far corners of this globe.

With special greetings for those of you now settled
in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa or
the USA, and anywhere within our Commonwealth and
this great world-wide family of English-speaking peoples.

For all of you who were born, worshipped
autumn bouquet autumn bouquet or were married here in Sutton or Wawne,
or have loved ones resting here -
to you all, wherever in the world you live now,
an especially warm welcome indeed.
We're pleased you have discovered us -
do enjoy.

Clicking the buttons further below will start or stop a short peal
of Sutton's bells. They were added at Christmas, 2003.

Photos of all 14 CWGC War Graves in St James' churchyard are
posted on the appropriate page, added for Armistice Day in 2009.
Photos of the further 5 Family War Graves and Memorials were
added in time for Armistice Day in 2014. A database of the 420+ men
on all of our memorial plaques was started in 2014, and complete in time
for the 2018 anniversaries. The new plaques can be seen on the War Memorial ~
Lest We Forget   

May you all enjoy your visit
and brief stay with us.
We hope you will call again.
And of course, if you have a Family History
query we can help with . . . we're here to help !

     or        the churchbells

MAPS - to find us


The front, and rear pages are on the left:
and the inside panes are on the right.

The Background map of The Groves that was here on this page,
along with a lengthy explanation of the history of this former
Sutton parish area, is now on a dedicated page of its own.
It can be accessed by clicking . . . The Groves

This Old School is already a venue for two local organisations;
the Sutton Branch of the W.I. meet here on Wednesday evenings,
a local Tai Chi group on the same morning,

Details of how to Hire THE OLD SCHOOL are here, and more photos showing the venue are here.
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we deploy a ramp for diabled access into the Old School - do shout or bang door to ask us for assistance      free Wi-Fi inside the Old School - access code pinned up in tearoom over serving hatch

Founded by Merrill Rhodes, and husband Peter,
we are a local Folk Museum & Family History Centre
inside this Grade II listed school building of 1859;
the oldest former council school in Hull
still used for educational purposes:
staffed entirely by Volunteers and
supported by visitor donations;

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A Map to Find Us at HU7 4TL
The little dead-end side road is
a free car park

Our area covers the historic parishes of both
Sutton and Wawne villages.

Sutton parish also included Stoneferry, Wilmington, St Marks and The Groves,
all the way down to the north side of Witham,
until the 1880s when new
churches were built.


every Friday 10 till 2
not just Sutton & Wawne;
ALL areas of the UK !
Donations Always Welcome!

Wawne Primary School old school blazer badge - leads to School Visits Page

We can take a photo of your child for you
in our re-creation of a Victorian School photo ?
We can supply child's cap or other props - have 2 photos, one smiling, one serious!

Click these Chalkboards for More Details!
interpretation of Service Records
ships, regiments & squadrons found;

both Royal & Merchant Navy;
Troopships & Convoys;
lost trawlers, etc

St James' Church of England School, Sutton on Hull - the boys' cap badge

We are proud to be supported by:
several local schools and the
Sutton in Holderness
Conservation Society
and many individual
generous donors.

A full list of all our existing
Friends and Supporters
appears on our Friends Page

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School Visits from All Schools
very Welcome; if you can get here,
we'll entertain you !

We can also host arranged visits by
Church Groups, Townswomens' Guilds,
Womens' Institutes, Clubs & Societies.

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You can contact us at:

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Museum & Family History Research on Fridays in the Old School Rooms, a marvellous display of life in Sutton and Wawne in times past; much more to see when you visit .. Incredible list of resources. Use also with FAMILY HISTORY button below ... Family History enquiries and list of resources for St James', & St Peter's, Wawne send an EMAIL to us direct to the volunteers at the Sutton & Wawne Museum dozens of links to military history, both local,national and military, including both World Wars, all armed services, and more Local Photos & Images of Sutton & Wawne

This website, and all its associated pages, is brought to you by the Sutton & Wawne Museum, a Free Museum inside the Old School, Sutton on Hull.
Sutton & Wawne Museum ~ inside The Old School ~ 25 Church St ~ Sutton on Hull ~ HU7 4TL
~~ www.suttonandwawnemuseum.org.uk ~~ admin@suttonandwawnemuseum.org.uk

Let us help you start your tree, and find out where you come from .. We help you start your Family History Research .. We are not always what we think we are ...


Vacancies exist for new Volunteers to add to our intrepid team
in the Sutton & Wawne Museum and Family History Research Centre.
Hours can be as little as 2 hours per month, or more if you wish,
on Fridays when we're open from 10am till 2pm.

Many of our Volunteers typically help for two hours, once or
twice a month, say 10 till 12, or 12 till 2pm, on a rota.
An interest in Family History and a general enthusiasm
for the history of our area, plus a willingness to help in all aspects
of our museum, helping with refreshments for visitors and setting
up displays, are all that is needed to join our existing friendly team.

Our volunteers are not all local, indeed some come quite
a distance, from the far side of Cottingham, Willerby and Anlaby,
and even further afield, as well as locally.

Please enquire by calling into the museum on Fridays, and
ask for Liz or June, or email us via the button link in the menu.

Staff Area

a small selection of miscellaneous
pics of Volunteer Staff memories are
now available to view for those staff
with the password to access them

Photo Album Archive
now complete up to Folder 19
and Wawne folders 1 - 4

. . .