WE ARE A FAMILY HISTORY & RESEARCH CENTRE ~ inside our local Folk History Museum, founded by Merrill & Peter Rhodes 20 years ago ~ The Old School in Church Street ~ Sutton on Hull ~ HU7 4TL .. our historic area covers the former St James parish area, so also Stoneferry, Wilmington, St Marks & The Groves. Perhaps we should have called it 'The Merrill Museum'; that would have been very appropriate

bluebells at the war memorial.
a rare treat; an online photo album, free to view --- ENJOY!
bluebells at the war memorial.
Our Current Exhibition, whatever it is, if there is one

Sadly, the Museum has to remain closed
until further notice ...
and we can offer no date before next spring

We had a remarkably good turnout, surprising under the circumstances, for our very strictly observed Remembrance Service on 8th November, which was very poignant and went very well indeed.

But, we are all in need of cheering up ...and may we wish a heartfelt "All the Best" to everyone, wherever in the world you are, from all of us at the Sutton & Wawne Museum.

By golly, don't we all really need a good laugh right now.  For those that are not old enough to remember Pam Ayres, she is a very funny lady from deepest Oxfordshire, still going strong with her brand of wit.
Here's her 2020 Virus Poem: this link to it is on the
Rotary Club of Melbourne in Victoria.  English humour from Australia!
Well done Pam, you don't 'alf travel well ...  I hope she wouldn't mind a link being posted here, but your webmaster is an old fan. 
I remember the teeth!  And not spotting the perils beneath!

And if you're still really bored and would like to browse an album, we have now made available just one album from our extensive collection online, which previously could only be viewed by visiting the museum.  It is planned to change the album to a fresh one perhaps once a month or so, depending on how it goes.

Click the album, or EVENTS button in the menu to view.

in the churchyard.  bluebells at the war memorial.in the churchyard.

... their joyful songs, and a glee that lasts ...


It is very quiet in the Old School Museum
Even the mice have gone to sleep
Nothing moves, and all is still .. ..
No sounds, no laughter, not even a peep.

But hark, is that a creak .. ?
Of a squeaky floor or a wooden door ...
... a softly closing desk lid enhancing
the echos of children, long, long, past -
in gentle laughter and the joys of dancing.

For if we stand, and listen, so very quietly
We can hear in those very rafters
their joyful songs, and a glee that lasts
and will still be sensed by those
who come here in years long after ...
long after we all have long since passed.

2020 . . . Sutton & Wawne Museum

These images were taken by Eric Johnson for the Dominoes series
of teaching books. Our own collection of the series is incomplete, and so these have been supplied from scans done by Amanda Denwood who now lives in Cumbria.  Amanda visited the museum last year, and noted which books were missing, and offered to scan the missing ones for us from her own collection.

from a Dominoes teaching book .... Flowers, to cheer .... from a Dominoes teaching book ....

For folks longing for a semblance of the past,
even the distant past in that far off childhood country
called Nostalgialand, we have a few copies of a new
book to offer, by former Sutton resident and long-time
friend of our museum, Andrew Suddaby.

CLICK TO SEE inside our new ~ A5 format ~ 50pp = 5 in museum, or 7 to UK addresses post paid

 More general to Britain, but with nods to some
Hull memories that are not specific to Sutton,
this short book in a nice sized font for easy reading
is a general tour of what we did, watched,
and listened to in the UK years ago.

Priced at 7.00 including UK postage only
it will be on offer inside the museum for 5 when we re-open.
Sorry, overseas postage cannot be offered right now,
and in anycase, the cost would probably exceed the book.

Our Old Village Schools in 1911  --- and today !

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CLICK ME!  for a nostalgic look at a class at work c.1972/73 it's nearly 10 inside The Old School ... time to open up!

CLICK TO SEE our new Sutton and Wawne booklets ~ separate potted history of each village ~ A5 format ~ Sutton 12 pages = 2 : Wawne booklet 8pp = 1.50

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