WE ARE A FAMILY HISTORY & RESEARCH CENTRE ~ inside our local Folk History Museum, founded by Merrill & Peter Rhodes 20 years ago ~ The Old School in Church Street ~ Sutton on Hull ~ HU7 4TL .. our historic area covers the former St James parish area, so also Stoneferry, Wilmington, St Marks & The Groves. Perhaps we should have called it 'The Merrill Museum'; that would have been very appropriate

bluebells at the war memorial.

a surprise view.

20 May

bluebells at the war memorial.

It looks like it is going to be an even longer haul than any of us could ever have imagined.  Just think, only a few months ago, the most dramatic fiction writer would have been been met with total disbelief had they come up with a situation anything remotely like the one we're in today.  We would all have agreed, 'you just couldn't make it up'.

I still pinch myself and ask if this is just a bad nightmare for our country. bluebells at the war memorial. Our hearts go out to all
who have lost loved ones and who are grieving in these terrible times.  Words fail us, for words such as sympathy and condolences do not seem to be anywhere nearly adequate right now.

We've a long way to go yet, maybe barely in the churchyard. halfway through the worst of the lockdown itself.  Tragedies will continue to hit our news for some months to come, even when some vague semblence of our old life comes back. We cannot, indeed must not, let our guard down, and be ever careful and do all the right things now for the sake of all of us tomorrow.

In the meantime, enjoy these pics of the churchyard and war memorial, in all their fresh spring glory. We can only wish everyone all the very best. Between the website itself, the phone and FaceBook, we’ll  stay in touch with one another.

Further down is a link to a new article, a few thoughts on May 8th and what it all means to us now, and what it meant to our forefathers back then.

Stay safe everyone, and until we meet again .. .. in the churchyard.

All the best to Everyone, wherever in the world you are, from all at the Sutton & Wawne Museum.

... their joyful songs, and a glee that lasts ...


It is very quiet in the Old School Museum
Even the mice have gone to sleep
Nothing moves, and all is still .. ..
No sounds, no laughter, not even a peep.

But hark, is that a creak .. ?
Of a squeaky floor or a wooden door ...
... a softly closing desk lid enhancing
the echos of children, long, long, past -
in gentle laughter and the joys of dancing.

For if we stand, and listen, so very quietly
We can hear in those very rafters
their joyful songs, and a glee that lasts
and will still be sensed by those
who come here in years long after ...
long after we all have long since passed.

© 2020 . . . Sutton & Wawne Museum

Flowers, to cheer ....

For folks longing for a semblance of the past,
even the distant past in that far off childhood country
called Nostalgialand, we have a few copies of a new
book to offer, by former Sutton resident and long-time
friend of our museum, Andrew Suddaby.

CLICK TO SEE inside our new ~ A5 format ~ 50pp = £5 in museum, or £7 to UK addresses post paid

 More general to Britain, but with nods to some
Hull memories that are not specific to Sutton,
this short book in a nice sized font for easy reading
is a general tour of what we did, watched,
and listened to in the UK years ago.

Priced at £7.00 including UK postage only
it will be on offer inside the museum for £5 when we re-open.
Sorry, overseas postage cannot be offered right now,
and in anycase, the cost would probably exceed the book.

Our Old Village Schools in 1911  --- and today !

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CLICK TO SEE our new Sutton and Wawne booklets ~ separate potted history of each village ~ A5 format ~ Sutton 12 pages = £2 : Wawne booklet 8pp = £1.50


By way of raising a smile .. .. . in these straightened times.

Click on the graphics above, just either side of the clock.  We could do with a good laugh, especially at Danger.  Our Museum advertises two universal cure-alls, that should help in the present crisis and ward off unwanted attentions.

We thought we'd like to show you a couple of ancient posters we have on display inside the museum. These caught my eye just as I was checking round the place and locking up - perhaps for some time - after I called up there this morning to finish a couple of jobs left undone from last week. 

But, was I alone. I could hear creaking and strange noises . . .  wierd.

We have a jolly "Jak Tar" doing his hornpipe to bring you the disinfectant to end all disinfectants. Reckits, Proctor & Gamble, eat your hearts out. This is the stuff to finish anything. Boy, do we need something like this for now. But, note, it was not good for cats.  But for dancing, it's brilliant.

Then we have Dr Drake, and his miraculous cures. I'm often weak at the knees, so this should do the trick! In the meantime, I'm self-isolating in my Man Shed, with a good supply of whisky and gin, purely for hand-washing you understand, old fashioned soap being in such short supply.  Not sure if this will do much good for my heavy breathing and smarting lions, but we'll give it a try.  Always knew big cats were very clever, eh.  But for now folks, I'm going on the pill.  Drake's Pill.
(Go on, read that bit again ... we've got to make you work at something).

There's a theme here, folks, Jak Tar and Drake ?? Got it? ... we're saved, by the Royal Navy yet again.  So let's here it for all our lads and lasses afloat defending our shipping lanes and bringing us Good Cheer. 

In the meantime, we have news that all roadsigns containing place names are to be either removed or turned around.  This is to confusticate the enemy, for we believe if Mr Covid has no firm directions, he'll not find his way here to trouble us and, who knows, he may well miss Hull and The East Riding altogether. !?!

So, where's my hand-washing substance.  I can assure you that something like a normal service may be resumed one day.  I may be one day.

In the meantime, look after each other, till we meet again!  And smile, and do the only thing that's free and not now proscribed ... LAUGH!

                                                                                              Your Webmaster.



Seriously, I kid you not.  Thieves are already hard at work trying to defraud and cheat older folk, and all others having to self-isolate, out of considerable amounts of money.   And they are succeeding!

Gangs are already in some areas, posing as Red Cross or other charity workers, knocking on doors and offering to do the shopping.  You may guess, you will get no shopping.  Trust no one you do not know, or anyone you cannot quickly trace to a local address or business.

Similarly with phone scams.  If you don't know the number, then don't pick up.  If you don't have Caller ID, listen carefully and do not give away any personal details whatsoever.  Not banking, not even your address.  If you are already ex-directory, these scammers do not know where you live, unless you tell them.  All they have is a number to ring and try their luck.  Even if you are in the book, they will still not be sure they have the right number, as a lot of them are using old and out-of-date lists.

IF YOU DO NEED HELP, with shopping or anything else; my best advice and your first ports of call should be:
    1. Your local church, or minister, or church office
    2. Your local Scouts, Girl Guides, if you know who they are.
    3. Ring your local shop, or usual supplier; they will help or find you someone that will.
    4. AGE CONCERN ...
    5. If you regularly use Taxis, ring your taxi office and ask them.
    6. And then there's always your neighbours! 

You have lots of options for help. 



. . . or any help, no matter how remotely you live or whatever your difficulty.  This is still Britain ... and we help each other.  Apart from thieves, who help themselves.  Don't let them do it to you.

In the meantime, look after each other, till we meet again!  And smile, and do the only thing that's free and not now proscribed ... LAUGH!

                                                                                              Your Webmaster.

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