WE ARE A FAMILY HISTORY & RESEARCH CENTRE ~ inside our local Folk History Museum, founded by Merrill & Peter Rhodes 20 years ago ~ The Old School in Church Street ~ Sutton on Hull ~ HU7 4TL .. our historic area covers the former St James parish area, so also Stoneferry, Wilmington, St Marks & The Groves. Perhaps we should have called it 'The Merrill Museum'; that would have been very appropriate

bluebells at the war memorial.
bluebells at the war memorial.

Sadly, the Museum has to remain closed
until further notice ...
and we can offer no date before next spring

St James' Church plan to hold a
 'socially distanced'
Remembrance Sun
day Service
at the War Memorial on
8th November. 

  Everything will be outside beginning at 10.30am.  

St James' church have written to inform us of their arrangements for the Remembrance Sunday service, which will be outside only, at the War Memorial on Sunday, 8th November, starting at 10.30.

It will be a 'socially distanced' Remembrance Sunday Service.  The museum has made arrangements for a wreath to be laid on our behalf, to ensure our fallen forces heroes are remembered for their sacrifice. Anyone can attend, but Gloria, the vicar, asks that those planning to attend do let her know by Wednesday next week, 28th, so they can arrange things, distancing, etc, suitable to all parties.

The law allows for multiple groups of 6 people to participate, provided that these groups do not mingle. The church are asking all who attend to stay in groups not larger than 6 (unless they are from one household/support bubble).

Gloria's contact details are also on the church website, as well as here :

The Revd Gloria Naylor, Vicar
St James' Church,
Church Street

Email: gloria.naylor@suttonstjames.org
Tel: 01482 703182 (Church Office)
Tel: 01482 783 143 (Rectory)

We have recently seen a great number of important anniversaries come and go, and with great sadness, we at the museum have been unable to mark or take part in any of them.  

So it is with more sadness that we can only report this news announced above, of a small and limited outdoor service at the war memorial, to remember all who gave their lives for our freedoms. As life continues to become more restricted and difficult, freedom is something which many will feel is in rather short supply right now.  It is truly hard to believe that we have come to where we are right now, and facing a very uncertain future both locally and as a nation.  

The only thing I can say here, is that for all our hardships and worries, there are a great many of our countrymen who are no longer with us this year to worry, but who's passing as a result of this terrible infliction has left behind an enormous amount of grief and hardship.  I think of all of them too. 

So, with the remembrance thoughts of those momentous events of 80 years ago, we're very mindful of how we would normally have been answering enquiries and showing visitors our war graves and dealing with family history enquiries and consulting huge numbers of records every Friday.  All your volunteers are just itching to get back to work and do what we all love best. But it is not to be, at least not before March at the very earliest now.  Apart from missing our meetings with you, our visitors, we are missing each other.  But we are still here, to hope for a better 2021 and New Year, and live in hope we will all meet again in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, we give thanks for those past sacrifices that enabled this nation's very survival.
We will remember them .. ... all of them.

  Stay safe everyone, and until we meet again .. .. 

All the best to Everyone, wherever in the world you are,
from all of us at the Sutton & Wawne Museum.

in the churchyard.  bluebells at the war memorial.in the churchyard.

... their joyful songs, and a glee that lasts ...


It is very quiet in the Old School Museum
Even the mice have gone to sleep
Nothing moves, and all is still .. ..
No sounds, no laughter, not even a peep.

But hark, is that a creak .. ?
Of a squeaky floor or a wooden door ...
... a softly closing desk lid enhancing
the echos of children, long, long, past -
in gentle laughter and the joys of dancing.

For if we stand, and listen, so very quietly
We can hear in those very rafters
their joyful songs, and a glee that lasts
and will still be sensed by those
who come here in years long after ...
long after we all have long since passed.

2020 . . . Sutton & Wawne Museum

These images were taken by Eric Johnson for the Dominoes series
of teaching books. Our own collection of the series is incomplete, and so these have been supplied from scans done by Amanda Denwood who now lives in Cumbria.  Amanda visited the museum last year, and noted which books were missing, and offered to scan the missing ones for us from her own collection.

from a Dominoes teaching book .... Flowers, to cheer .... from a Dominoes teaching book ....

For folks longing for a semblance of the past,
even the distant past in that far off childhood country
called Nostalgialand, we have a few copies of a new
book to offer, by former Sutton resident and long-time
friend of our museum, Andrew Suddaby.

CLICK TO SEE inside our new ~ A5 format ~ 50pp = 5 in museum, or 7 to UK addresses post paid

 More general to Britain, but with nods to some
Hull memories that are not specific to Sutton,
this short book in a nice sized font for easy reading
is a general tour of what we did, watched,
and listened to in the UK years ago.

Priced at 7.00 including UK postage only
it will be on offer inside the museum for 5 when we re-open.
Sorry, overseas postage cannot be offered right now,
and in anycase, the cost would probably exceed the book.

Our Old Village Schools in 1911  --- and today !

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