We started with one British mesothelioma site, aimed at British ex-servicemen.

Then we added an American one. After that, I had repeated requests and added a further 5 American mesothelioma sites, all promoting their own disease awareness, but obviously none singing from the same hymn sheet. A wonderful example of private enterprise in action, all promoting their own competitive interests.

What benefit you all are separately to American mesothelioma sufferers must surely be debatable. I suspect a lot of private enterprise money involved there somewhere. Once we were seen as a soft touch for links to mesothelioma sites, tugging on the sympathy muscle, other American agencies for various ‘products’ have since emailed many times asking for links to financial (dollar sites) and legal (American lawyers, ambulance chasers in the main).

This became unsustainable … as I point out on the website now, we are a local British history site and nothing more.

So I feel I must repeat, and send this standard reply now to ALL such links requests.
I will also post this on our website in the place that is quite obviously a magnet to marketeers on a bonus for website links, however remote or innappropriate.

We do no longer post links to any other subjects other than history.

In particular, local history, Hull’s history and British history, or sites of Hull and East Yorkshire specific interest.

No Legal, no Medical, no Financial, no Family Advice, Marriage Advice, Child Welfare, Animal Welfare, Citizens Advice or Agony Aunt type links of any sort.

And definitely No Products. No more.

If you ever visit Hull, and are interested in our history, by all means, come and visit us.

We are not unfriendly, nor unsympathetic, nor uncharitable. But neither are we mugs or a soft touch.

Please, please, do not reply to this.

Thank you.

for and on behalf of
The Sutton & Wawne Old School Museum

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