... well, not any more.

 Day return to Hornsea please ...

Ken Cooke, our veteran signwriter

Here's the man that painted it ....

 Merrill Ann Barbara Ken Jean Ann Liz And Me!

Here's the train crew sitting upon it.

Merrill ~ Ann ~ Barbara ~ Ken ~ Jean ~ Ann ~ Liz ~ and Me!

Eyup ... is that paint dry !?!

That's enough malarking around for now!

Back to your lessons ....

But before you do, here's a an old view
of what the station used to look like.

Clearly visible are the bridge, the ramp, and the old ticket office, seemingly
perched just above that waiting room. The siding is tucked away just behind
that pallisaded fence, and on that far platform, a couple of seats are visible.

There is a third seat in the picture too .... Can you spot it?

And I wonder if that could be the Station Master, off-duty and doing a
spot of evening gardening on his potato patch, for the garden seems to lead
down from the back of the Station Master's house right down to the siding itself.

And remembering here the late Heather Clubley, née Calvert,
whose father bought this seat in a sale from British Rail
on the demise of the line in 1964.
It lay in a barn on their farm for the next 50 or so years, until Heather
kindly donated it to the museum.
Heather sadly passed away, aged 90, in September 2011,
and all her friends here at the museum remember her with affection.

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Here's another site that may be of interest re the Station:
... info on Sutton station, and a very informative site generally
on disused railway stations, by Mark Dyson.
Gives a good potted history with dates, maps,
and links to nearby stations on the same Hull to Hornsea line,
and with some nice b&w photos.
Intended for Railway Enthusiasts, but also of much interest to
family historians if you want to see something of the atmosphere
of where your forebears lived and travelled.