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Assorted photos from the Eric Johnson Slide Collection

of life in St James' School, Sutton on Hull
around 1970-71

All of these images are copyright and not to be used for commercial purposes.
Downloading for personal family archive use is, of course, permitted ;
but better copies are available from the Museum.

When using Firefox, clicking each photo loads it into
its own screen with a black background; Pressing F11 is even better.
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And here in the staff room, taking a break and surround by his staff,
is the man himself, Mr Eric Johnson, a man who many ex-pupils that
visit us speak of in the highest esteem and regard.

This selection was scanned from part of Eric Johnson's extensive slide collection
and were shown in no particular order, just as they came out of the box.

Eric Johnson was the long-time headmaster of St James' from the early 1950s
right up until the school closed on this site in 1976.

It is our belief here in the museum that his photography was so good
he could have earnt his living as a commercial photographer.
Instead, he chose to be a teacher.

I think they portray a time of great contentment and happiness.
In many of them, there is an air of sheer joy.
Not often seen these days.

If you use Ctrl+mousewheel, you can enlarge each photo to enable
better recognition of individuals. But these are still not the best copies;
we have all those on file, including all of the original set first shown,
and any can be supplied by email to ex-pupils/families on request.

an old Sutton Gallery

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