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Books, DVDs
Some by this museum, others by local authors

See THIS PAGE for other useful items for sale
being items for private sale with all profits to directly benefit this museum

Please note that Overseas Postage Rates have risen
quite remarkably in the past four or five years.
A small book to New Zealand now costs £7.90; standard air-mail !!
Effectively killing most overseas sales we might have hoped for.


For folks longing for a semblance of the past, even the distant past in that far off childhood country called Nostalgialand, we have a few copies of a new book to offer, by former Sutton resident and long-time friend of
this museum, Andrew Suddaby.

The memories captured within are more
general to Britain of the 1940s and 50s,
but with nods to some Hull memories that
are not specific to Sutton, this short book
in a nice-sized font for easy reading in a
general tour of what we did, watched, bought
and listened to in the UK over 50 years ago.

Priced at £7.00 including UK only postage;
it will be on offer inside the museum
for £5 as and when we re-open.
Sorry, overseas postage cannot be offered
right now, and in any case, the cost
would probably exceed that of the book.

All profits from sales of this book benefit the museum.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Nostalgia is a thing of the Past

Nostalgia is a thing of the Past
plus £2 p&p to UK only

A5 format : softback: illus. pp.50


vivid memories of a childhood in Sutton

in the 1950s


Andrew Suddaby


a gift by the author has enabled
another short print run.

All profits from sales of this book
benefit the museum.

Growing Up In Sutton

Growing Up In Sutton - back cover
softback: illus. pp.90


National Service in the R.A.F.

Andrew Suddaby


Andrew vividly described his experience of those
heady days of the 1950s, and his first posting
overseas to Hong Kong.
Also described are his subsequent visits
to Hong Kong, between 1981 and 2007.

to sell to make funds for the museum

£9.95 per copy

A copy, produced personally by Andrew for
the museum, will still be available to view
for research purposes
within the museum on Fridays.

Call Up ... for National Service

Call Up ... for National Service


softback : pp.112
mostly full colour illus.


now only on a DVD-ROM
and also via £5 online access

Church and People - a Celebration
by Merrill Rhodes

Sad to say, this acclaimed book is now effectively 'out of print'.  The replacement of the book on DVD-ROM  is now available.
This is a digitised copy, complete with all photos, all maps, every paragraph exactly as Merrill wrote it, now on DVD and at exactly the same price as when we last sold the book.

Not only that, we also offer a Digital Download of the complete disc. See below.
please note: this DVD is made for computers; PCs and laptops;
not for TV via domestic DVD players.
(works on some Tablets too, please check)

For anyone interested in local history, or who has an interest in the historic families of
Sutton & Wawne, or who has recently moved
into the area, we think the DVD will be
just as popular as the book.

Files are in HTML format (same as web pages) and images are JPEG; a whole-text version of all 12 chapters, without images, is in doc, docx and rtf formats for easy searching for research.

This new photo-DVD, incorporating all of Merrill's book including maps and photos, plus many more images of Sutton and Wawne, including both ancient churches, is now on sale.

On-line Orders can now be taken, and the price is £10, plus any post & packing as required.

As of July 2017, we have to state that postage charges for destinations abroad are now almost prohibitive; the rate now to send one of our books to New Zealand is just short of £8, effectively as much as the book. It seems not that long ago we were sending DVDs to NZ for around £4  -- much, much to expensive !

So much for Royal Mail privatisation.
Privateers would be a more apt description, akin to highwaymen. I used to have such respect for our Royal Mail, but now feel it's moved away from the great institution it used to be.
What may be of greater help to folks abroad will be to be able to view and read the entire disc online, being Merrill's book in its entirety, and all the added photos and extras. This became available on 30 October 2017 for the first time.

Payment for a physical disc by post, or the online version, can also be taken by BACS, or via PAYPAL; we will send the account payment details to you.  The account shown at the bottom of our Friends page is for where such donations can be made.

Please email us first, and let us know when you have sent your payment through, and of course, your postal address, and on arrival in our account, we will post you the disc, or email you the online access link and password.
Once you have that, you are free to share
the details between family and friends.


email us your order,
we send you account details to pay into,
then we send you the Password to access it.

Sutton, Bransholme & Wawne, on DVD-ROM

Sadly, now unavailable in
Hard Copy -
out of print -
and now replaced by
this photo-DVD-ROM below.

Merrill Rhodes' book ... on DVD-ROM
Same price; £10
+ £2.50 UK p&p

OR view online, no disc,
no packaging, no postage;
for £5.00 ;
(it's our 'Green Edition' -
saving the planet and all that!)
we will email you the
access details when we receive your payment receipt.

please note:
for PCs/Laptops/iPads only;
doesn't work on
TV/domestic video players,
but works on some phones

Note that postage charges
to Australia, NZ & USA
are now extremely expensive
typically doubling the cost.

eg. to NZ = £7.90 !!

online viewing at
half the price
is your best alternative

once again, ALL sales of this DVD, either the disc, or access to the Online version, benefit our Museum funds 100% ... no costs or expenses ever deducted. 


our own mini publications by
The Sutton & Wawne Museum

We now have available two booklets;
one on each of our old parishes, copies are available inside the museum on Fridays.

The one for Sutton and St James' parish is
a 12-page booklet giving a brief history of our ancient village, also outlining the very close relationship with St Peter's at Wawne. Also with brief details of how our Old School museum was founded some 20 years ago.

The one for Wawne and St Peter's is shorter,
at 8-pages, and is also a brief history of the ancient parish formerly spelt at Waghen.
It also mentions the founding of the abbey of Meaux and the religious influences on the wider area, in particular on both St Peter's
and the founding of the more
distant St James' at Sutton.

They are ideal little booklets for visitors to both villages, or our museum, who are seeking a basic outline of these respective areas, perhaps having found family history links here and visiting to research a grave or school records, etc.

Much greater detail, a definitive history of the whole area for the serious student, is available on our own DVD-ROM above, containing the whole contents of the now out-of-print publication by Merrill Rhodes, first published in 2000 and reprinted in 2006.

both these booklets
help our funds

Sutton parish booklet
£2 each
inside the museum

Wawne parish booklet

inside the museum

Portrait of a Village

.. an 85-minute DVD about
the history of the village,
and first available on
VHS some years ago.

Re-issued on DVD, now produced
by Ian Wolstencroft
following the death of the original video maker,
the late Rob Walters.

Also much improved for clarity,
with extra material, photos and film.
85 minutes running time,
all on one disc


ALL profits to benefit the
upkeep of this Museum

Copies available from the
Museum inside The Old School
on Fridays 10 - 2pm,

or by mail-order at £10 + £2.50 p&p
to order your copy

send an EMAIL to us direct to the volunteers at the Sutton & Wawne Museum
leaving your name &
address & phone number

If you do online banking, Books and DVDs
can now be paid for online via BACs.
Go to our 'FRIENDS' page for all the bank details.


DVD cover, back

(DVD cover &
reverse shown here)


+ p&p


A new edition of

'A Passage over the River Hull:
the story of Wawne Ferry'

by Martin Limon (price £4.09)
is available to download from
This 'Kindle Edition' for 2015 has more information and is now available to download onto a 'Kindle' device or onto any computer or tablet with a 'Kindle app'.  Simply type in 'Wawne Ferry' on the Amazon website to find out more.

please note:
we don't have copies for sale in the museum,
as this is only available as a
digital download for computers and tablets.



Martin Limon

'East Yorkshire Village Visits' was published
by Fonthill Media on December 1st, 2013.

This local history book is based upon articles that appeared in the county magazine, "The Journal", published in 2011, 2012 and 2013, although it also contains both new and previously unpublished historical material based on original research.

There are 31 villages in the book, amongst which are: North Dalton, Burstwick, Kirkburn, Wawne, Sledmere, Langtoft, Easington, Airmyn, Aldbrough, Elloughton, Roos, Preston, Bilton, Sewerby, Bishop Wilton, Millington, Eastrington and Harpham, and several others.


On sale
at local bookshops,
including Waterstones and
WH Smith branches in
Hull, Beverley and Kingswood.


Martin Limon

. . . a collection of local history stories already published by magazines like the Yorkshire Ridings Magazine and The Journal.
This fascinating new collection of tales of the East Riding contains momentous events, true crimes, surprising incidents and biographies of the area's famous sons and daughters. The stories cover an area from York down to Hull and include such tales as: Across the Humber, The Civil War in East Yorkshire, When Cholera Came Calling, Mary Wollstonecraft in Georgian Beverley, William Wilberforce, Airships Over East Yorkshire, Rogues' Gallery and many more. There are stories of some the county's other famous residents, Kay Kendall and Amy Johnson, as well as some forgotten aspects of the region's past - including the crime that shocked eighteenth-century Long Riston, as well as health care in the area long before the arrival of the NHS. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in the history of the region, and also awaken memories of a bygone time for those who worked or lived here.


... is a new local history publication,
and is the sequel to 'Tales From the East Riding'
published by Tempus in November 2006.

Now on sale at local bookshops,
including Waterstones and WH Smith branches in Hull, Beverley and Kingswood.


by Leonard C Bacon
in softback, A4 size.

We must add our own thanks that Len completed this history before his untimely death on 23 Aug 2007.

It is packed with information about all the units that served at RAF Sutton on Hull until its closure, along with b&photos and diagrams, and is a thoroughly comprehensive study of a time that is still fondly remembered by older Sutton residents.

Whether recounting the days of the RAF School of Fire-Fighting and Rescue, or of the wartime balloon barrage crews, it is a fascinating read and the sales of the book financed Len's project of the placing of a Blue Plaque commemorating the RAF station inside Bransholme Library.


Copies are now
available to buy
From Mrs Judith Bangs
of the EYFHS at:
5 Curlew Close
East Yorkshire
HU17 7QN

or at the
Balloon Barrage
Reunion Club

Have you served in
HM Armed Forces?

The Ministry of Defence offer this badge to all men and women who served in HM Armed Forces, up to and including 31st Dec 1959.

Included groups are :
Merchant Navy Seamen involved in military action, Polish Forces under UK command, the Cyprus Regiment, and The Home Guard.

Please note: this criteria does not include Veterans who served in the Armed Forces of other Countries and who served alongside HM Armed Forces.
For example; Royal Canadian Navy, or
Royal Australian Air Force.

The badge is a survivors' badge, which is to be worn on civilian attire. The only exception to this are War Widows and Widowers who are getting a War Widows/Widowers Pension.

You can only apply on behalf of a veteran
who has died if you get either:
a War Widow’s or Widower’s Pension
or compensation under the Survivors Guaranteed Income Payment (SGIP)


Application Forms
are available in the
Exhibition & Resource Centre,
or can be obtained from :

The Veterans Agency,

email :
The Veterans Agency Website

tel : 0800 169 2277 (UK only) ..
or .. +44 1253 866043 (Overseas)