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Our Front Page, with main railway 'totem sign' logo and alternate images of both Sutton and Wawne Schools, with immediate links below, brief info, and description of the area of whichever background map is being shown.

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HOME PAGE 2 ... being the second half of what had previously been a very long page that took too long to load.

The MUSEUM ...
. . . What we're all about, being the museum and family history resource centre located within the Old School Rooms. This is really the main focus of this site, everything else revolves around the museum and what we do. A very long page of info, events, links to photo collections, and masses of information generally. Come to us to start your Family History Researches, or even if you're an old hand and are now stuck. We may be able to help.
         MEMORIES PAGE ... formerly part of the Museum Page, which got far too
         long and required splitting up.
         All submissions by email and visitors are now posted here.
         SCHOOL VISITS PAGE ... also formerly on the Museum Page,
         now a dedicated page of their own, with direct links from the menu and Museums Page. Now getting more 'populated' with photos since more schools have been to visit; 7 different schools now at the last count, who send a couple of classes (Years 3-7) each year.

. . . being in reality the Old School Rooms, within which and in part of is located the Museum. In fact, when the museum is open, so is the whole building, and the main room also serves as a display area for more museum artefacts, costumes, etc. The School Rooms can also be hired as a 'small occasion' venue, very suitable for hobby group weekly/monthly meetings, etc. That includes the main hall, dining room, kitchen, toilets, etc. When the Old School is hired, the main museum room itself is separate and not part of a hire. But you would still have enough room to seat 30 people for tea or run a small buffet. More details when you click the button.

. . . being our Appeal Page, launched in May 2013 as an appeal to fund the replacement of our ancient and venerable gas heating boiler. That has now all been done, electric storage radiators all now installed. The 'Friends List' is a constantly updated list of folks and organisations that have given us financial support, either in visits, or in booking our speakers for their own societies, clubs, etc.

. . . takes you to the image map of an aerial view of Wawne, on which there are several image links to take you to various further pages on St Peter's church history, and the war memorial. Examples to external pages are to St Peter's Church itself, The Post Office, the village school, and the Wawne Village website. Click the button in the menu, or use the linked streetmap showing main buildings and links.

. . . one of the two main reasons for our existence, being a set of sub-pages to the Museum. They're crammed full of links pertaining to family history, including the many other FH resources around Hull and East Yorkshire, then further afield such as the National Archives, FreeBMD, etc. Plus advice on how to use the Sutton Resources in the Old School Exhibition, and how to contact us for further information. This page also leads to a further page with a brief "topographical description" of the Sutton area and its relationship to the River Hull.
If you would really like to help with some local enquiries, perhaps you could browse some of the info summarising some name and place requests we receive via our Guestbook. We've replied to these with what info we have or could dig up, but you may see a name you're looking for, or a place you know something about, of be just happy to help in some way.

. .
. . . in the area, St James', St Peter's and St John's, listing clergy names, contact numbers, etc, and links to their websites. All enquiries re modern weddings, baptisms and funerals should go via this link to find their respective church office or vicar.

LINKS TO OTHER CHURCH and Ecclesiastical Sites ...
. . . including a portal link to many churches in the East Yorkshire area.

. . . lots of local info, etc, also more links to Genealogy & Family History, and all our Military History links are here.

. . of St James' Church, Sutton on Hull . . by local historian, Merrill Rhodes.

. . of St Peter's Church, Wawne . . also by local historian, Merrill Rhodes.

There is also a link to the now digitised edition of Merrill Rhodes' book, "SUTTON, BRANSHOLME & WAWNE", first published in 1999 and re-published in 2006.
It was first, and still is, available on DVD, produced when the hard copy book went 'out-of-print'. Now it is also available to read and view online. For just 5, we will provide the URL link and password to access not only the whole book and the 200+ photos and maps within, but a further 300+ photos of both villages, churches, and school visits. A mind-boggling amount of information indeed. The beauty of this is you can purchase the online version, and share it with relatives abroad, and of course, it works on any machine that can download a web page from the internet. It costs less than it would just to post the real book, or even the DVD, to the other side of the world.

. . . of the general area, showing our Old School's location within Sutton, local bus routes, plus wider area maps showing Sutton and Wawne's relationship to Hull, Cottingham, and Beverley, and for those of you who don't know this area at all, links to Google maps to many of the other nearby villages and hamlets.

. . . a page of external links to other places called Sutton, in the UK and abroad. There's more than you would think, and the common denominator is that they generally speak English as a mother tongue, or variations of it, and the root of their name is often the same, the 'south village/town/settlement', or the one south of somewhere else. A fictional pair called 'Norton' and 'Sutton' would explain it nicely, but as far as I know, there aren't two exactly like that in close proximity to each other. Unless, of course, you know different ... please tell.

RAF Sutton on Hull ..
. . . a direct page to our former RAF station, home of the 17 Balloon Centre 1939 - 1945, and later the RAF Firefighting School, as well as several other units from time to time.

. . . just a few, with a link to further pages of pics, some historic,
called Sutton Gallery 1. As well as our own pics of Wawne, there is also a link to an exciting new Wawne Photo Gallery containing many more besides. There are now 4 Galleries of photos, occasionally updated or changed, and two tiny clips of video for the homesick.

SUTTON AND WAWNE WAR MEMORIALS . . . A Roll of Honour . . .
. . . all names, both World Wars, and includes Stoneferry, Wilmington and St Marks in The Groves. It also includes further links to pages listing details of the 19 War Graves within the churchyard, and some brief biographies of men lost, along with photos, details, etc, submitted by their families. Also, direct links to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission are here, and to the Civilian War Dead index for Hull.

F/Lt Paterson C Hughes DFC
. . . a direct page to our Australian Battle of Britain pilot buried in Sutton churchyard. The full story of how he came to be buried here, a brief biography of his early life in Sydney and joining the RAAF, his transfer to the RAF, with many photos.

... the link for this is on the Links Button, a list of suggested questions to be used sensitively in researching your family's military history. You'll find the link as the first one of the list of Military Links on the Links Button in the menu.

... in a similar vein to the one above, situated a way down the Museum Page, being a list of suggested question that grandchildren could ask their grandparents, to build a picture of their lives, their childhoods, work lives and professions, as well as the long departed relatives that they remember.

. . a double list of all the graves, memorials, plaques, within the St James' churchyard in Sutton. Each entry is in fact the filename of a jpeg photo, taken by Bernard Sharp over a two year period and available on a photo-CD. The first list is alphabetical by surname of deceased, followed further down a very long page by the same names in a numerical list where the grave numbering follows the pattern in the Memorial Inscription booklets issued by the East Yorkshire Family History Society. Using these numbers, and the plans in the booklet, we can email any family a copy of their loved one's grave or memorial. We usually offer this facility in the main to people abroad, not in the UK, or who are so far away from Sutton that calling by to get their own photo is not a reasonable option.

. . a single list of all 214 graves and memorials, within St Peter's churchyard at Wawne. The list is in fact a copy of the main index of surnames at the front of the Memorial Inscription booklets issued by the East Yorkshire Family History Society. Again, using these numbers, and the plan in the booklet, visitors can quickly find the grave they are seeking. We can email a copy of the transcription to people abroad, not in the UK, or who are so far away from Sutton that calling by to get this information is not a reasonable option. We don't have photos of these graves as yet, in the same was as we have for St James', but one day, perhaps we will. Again, for folks abroad, for a small donation to our museum, arrangements can be made in order to obtain a required photo. All part of our service.

. . . a page of e-book pages, or links to those pages to read online. Mostly from Google E-books, they are deep and serious history. The first to be posted here was a book called the HULL POLL BOOK of 1835, a list of all eligible voters in the town of Hull in that year. Of interest to deep genealogical researchers for the names, but also it lists the name of every street. And it's fully searchable. The typeface and style of English are a bit archaic, but serious historians will not demure at that.

There is a link to Thomas BLASHILL'S history of Sutton on Hull, also searchable, but George POULSON'S History of HOLDERNESS 1841, JAMES SHEAHAN'S history of HULL in 1864, and an 1813 account of William HUTTON'S guided tour of Bosworth Battlefield can all be read on the reader within our page without leaving the Sutton & Wawne site. Again, the language and older typefaces. These are the sort of books historians would have to search libraries for not so many years back, and not just a local library, but central and reference libraries. More and more historic publications are becoming available online all the time, it just takes a little detective work to seek them out.

GUESTBOOK .. our very own Guestbook for folks to browse and sign and look for possible old mates, neighbours, or other long-lost family members, record some memories, or just show their appreciation of these pages. See the menu button.

Other buttons and pages link to:

EYFHS .. East Yorkshire Family History Society

BROOKLANDS PHOTOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, our friends who meet in the village in the Methodist Church Hall, and whose photographers supply many photos for us.

HUMBER CARS .. the Alan Marshall collection of some 20 working cars of the Humber marque, in their own museum in Dalton St, Stoneferry.

WAWNE FERRY .. a page with some old ferry photos.

A Help Page . . .
. . for all us novices to Websites and computers in general . . a few tips and tricks to impress your kids and grandkids . . no kiddin'.

Short Stories . . .
. . . Wattle & Daub ; Thomas' Contraption ; Murder in the Museum ... are three short stories for general entertainment. The first two are perhaps for younger folk that may enjoy tales of long ago. The latter is a murder story, so . . . . but none of them are to be taken too seriously. They're just for fun. No litigation please.

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