The Grade 1 listed
13th Century
Ancient Parish Church

St Peter's

East Yorkshire

St Peter's, Wawne, England, from the South

this lovely photo was supplied by Ann Rogerson

The earliest recorded date for this church is 1115
when the first stones were laid by the monks of Meaux Abbey

Wawne's ancient church predates the one at Sutton by some 220 years

St Peter's Church

St Peter's is listed on the site
where you will find service details, info for baptisms, weddings, etc.
and also on their new joint website at
St Peter's Wawne & Sutton Park St Andrew's

W E L C O M E !

May we extend a warm welcome to all those ex-Wawne residents
and folk who may have long since left these 'gentle climes' for
other abodes in the far corners of the globe.
For those who were born and worshipped here, married here,
to you all, an especially warm welcome indeed.

We're pleased you have discovered us . . . please enjoy . . .

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A Brief History of St Peter's Church * 1115 ~ 2000

A New Photo-DVD by Chris Cox
of every visible grave in the churchyard
has been provided to the Museum inside the Old School in Sutton,
available to view for free. See more details below ...

Wawne Village Hall has its own community FACEBOOK page ...

Wawne Parish Council website
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For info on the new
Sutton & Wawne Museum Celebratory DVD
please click HERE

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There is a Photo Site for WAWNE VILLAGE at
showing many historic postcard views of decades past

which lists Community Events, the Village Hall, Wawne Festival, Wawne School,
Boys Brigade, Parish Council and Policing matters, plus a lovely Village Tour.
We're proud to link to them here, and wish their impressive website well for the future.
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above photo credits: Anne Rogerson

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Roll of Honour


We also now have a complete list of the Index of Names
for the 250+ graves in Wawne churchyard, compiled from
the index to the Monumental Inscription booklet produced
by the East Yorkshire Family History Society.

We already have a full database of photos for St James' churchyard in Sutton.
However, as of May 2018, we now have a similar set of quality photos of
all the approximately 250+ visible graves in St Peter's churchyard,
kindly provided by Chris Cox.
Which is most of them, there are few missing which is a blessing.
So there is now a revised double list, alphabetical and numerical,
of the graves in St Peter's churchyard too.
The numerical list tallies with the grave numbers in
the MI booklet produced by the EYFHS .. click the link above.
Full details of the actual inscriptions can be viewed in our reference MI books
within our Museum in Sutton, The Hull History Centre, and most big libraries.

Click to go to the revised Wawne Churchyard page now completed, May 2018.

Or use the Churchyards button in the menu to access the page for details.


The new DVD is now on sale, issued by the Sutton & Wawne Museum. It is essentially to replace Merrill Rhodes' excellent history on Sutton, Bransholme & Wawne, which has now gone out of print. This DVD project is to celebrate the timeless links between both villages, and to raise funds for the Museum. It contains a digitised version of the Second Edition, including all photos, maps and diagrams. The chapter headings and layout remains faithful to Merrill's own, and can be viewed on any PC or laptop, region-free. The page format is HTML, ie, website format, and the images are all jpeg. The whole contents can be transferred to a stick or card, so will also be able to be viewed on a tablet.

The DVD now contains a significant number of "Extras"; dozens of images of both villages from the museum's own collections, dozens of modern images of both churches, several school visits to the Museum including by Wawne Primary School, and links to information on RAF Sutton and local Anti-Aircraft gunsites of WW2, plus information on both village war memorials.

CLICK TO ENLARGE Complimentary copies were distributed to the Hull History Centre, Beverley Treasure House, both churches who have helped, and Brooklands Camera Club who have supplied dozens of the modern church photographs, and several other contributors to the project, including Wawne School. The Museum funded the first run itself, hence the restricted number, but then hope to do further copying runs using profits from the initial sales. It had been planned for release in early 2017, with extra funding from a grant from the Creative Communities programme for arts and culture. Sadly, we got turned down, hence the limited number of sale copies for now. It is available in the museum in Sutton every Friday, and now also in the Hull Peoples' Memorial Shop in Whitefriargate, Tuesday to Saturday.

The whole DVD, which is Merrill's book, with every photo and map, plus many other historic photos and extras, is also now available online, to view, for half of the DVD price, 5, by making the payment into our donation page.

Sutton War Memorial & War Graves

St Peter's ~ a brief history || Images of Wawne Ferry

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A Brief History of St Peter's Church

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Other Information For Wawne

& internet links
modern streetmap of Wawne

The Links within the Image Map

St Peter's Church ... our 13th century medieval church welcomes visitors

Wawne Parish Council website ... for masses of info on parish, policing, events and community matters.

Wawne Primary School .. there have been schools here since 1870 ... goes to the modern school on the old site.

Wawne Post Office ... an essential part of any village life

Wawne Ferry ... ... closed in the 1950s  (before anybody adjusts their sat-nav and tries to navigate it). There used to be more information online re the old Wawne Ferry, but not now. All we can do is point you to Martin Limon's excellent book on the subject.

Meux Abbey ... Wikipedia page on Meux and its ancient history

Waggoners Arms ... our local hostelry, listed on a What Pubs guide

The Cold War Bunker ... not open to the public; now converted to a private bungalow

Windham Family ... and deeper Wawne family history

The Domesday Book ... this link used to go directly to the entry on Wawne's place within it, nearly a thousand years ago. But not now, so presumably one has to dig deep within and search for it.

modern Wawne ... listed on Wikipedia, today's population stats, links to emergency services and brief history.

Wawne Convenience Store and Shop ... the address is wrong, but the photo and map are correct, so hey ho .. ..

Churchyard, photos of church, and links to buy MI books ... this is back on our St Peter's Church page

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A Brief History of St Peter's



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