1. where our Old School would be built in 1859 2. Barbara Robson Memorial Playing Fields, donated 1925 3. where the Reading Rooms would appear, 1877. 4. Leads Rd and West Parade, and site of former police cells 5. Mona House, built c18th, later home of 4th Btn East Yorkshire Rgt. 6. Church Row Cottages, or Poor House Row, c17th 7.  site of Church Hall from 1932 8.  site of War Memorial and garden, dedicated 1921. 9. The Poorhouse, later our Wedding Green. 10.  St James' Church, over 660yrs old, consecrated 1359. 11.  St James' graveyard, over 2,000 burials since the c17th. 12.  former site of Hastings Manor, c15th-c18th, later to become Church Mount. 13.  The Ship Inn, c.1800 14.  Leonard Chamberlain's Charity 15.  Ladies College, as we know it now 16.  Duke of York inn, c.1800 17.  former site of St James' school, 1849-59, later Holmes Butcher's abbatoir 18.  Pear Tree Cottage, red spot marks ancient pear tree, subject to TPO. 19.  later site of Leonard Chamberlain's Almshouses. 20.  Potterill Lane, formerly Love Lane on a plan of 1840. 21.  The Hollies, aka Greenacres, and possibly a brick tower corn mill before that. 22.  became Beech Lawn. 23.  became The Elms 24.  former Wesleyan School,c.1880, c1880 25.  Methodist Wesleyan Chapel 26.  Back Street, became Watson St, after Ann Watson and her charity 27.  Masonic Hall, a former chapel 28.  Station Master's house, to the station, Hull to Hornsea railway, opened 1864 29.  Kirk's Farm 30.  Elm Trees, now a care home